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Kicking into Kickstarter - Travel with a Purpose: Haiti project

1:50 PM

Travel With Purpose, a 501(C)(3) that focuses on empowering women and girls by generating projects that offer sustainable solutions to financially and emotionally support beneficiaries, announces its next mission in Fond des Blancs, Haiti alongside Haiti Projects for their Artisan Cooperative.

Our friend at Travel with a Purpose Loren Medina has been hard at work trying to make a difference by contributing her time and efforts to helping empower women around the world.
With the holiday's seasons approaching, the thought of giving is on everyone's mind and a small donation to Travel with a purpose can go a long way.

Medina said: "A friend of mine told me she was embarrassed she couldn't donate more than $20 to Travel With Purpose Haiti campaign. And I put it in perspective for her…if my 1,450 friends on FB donated $5 that would = $7,250 which would pay to rent a space for 2 years for 100 more women to have jobs with Haiti Projects. This week is all about giving, please help us impact lives…Donate $5 to our project --->"

Please help out with any amount you can and by sharing the indigogo link with your friends on social media.

Together we can help Travel with a Purpose, Loren Medina and many people in need who they are working to help.

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