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Biker Mice from Mars Land on iPhone, iPad, Android

9:19 PM

Mobile game developers 9th Impact launched the official Biker Mice from Mars game on iPhone, iPad and Android.

The game is based on the smash hit 90's animated TV series of the same name, which featured three motorcycle-riding Martian mice – Throttle, Modo and Vinnie – saving Chicago from the tyrannical schemes of business tycoon Lawerence Limburger.

The show's creator, Rick Ungar, is confident that the game will be well received by the large fan base of the cult classic series.

"I think Biker Mice Fans will enjoy the snappy banter, classic catchphrases and irreverent satire that they would expect from the series, in addition to the non-stop action," Ungar said.
Players choose one of the Biker Mice characters and ride through the streets of Chicago, following trails or battling enemies.

Each level completed reveals the next instalment of the story of that episode.

There are currently 2 episodes available, one clearly poking fun at a recent movie franchise and the other featuring a billionaire character running for President.

There is an endless mode available for each episode to compete for highscores or to earn coins which can be spent on upgrades.

Biker Mice from Mars uses the usual swipe and tap controls from the endless runner genre but the lazer shooting, pursuits, boss fights and heavy use of story throughout make it a richer experience than the typical endless runners.

The producers, artists and developers behind the game were all fans of the show since childhood.

 "I think the fact that we are huge fans is evident in the attention to small details throughout the game," producer Mark Quick said.

Players unlock cards, trivia and mini-games as they complete levels or certain objectives in the endless mode.

These cards are rich in detail from the show which will appeal to fans or newcomers seeking to learn what all the nostalgic fuss is about.

Biker Mice from Mars is available on App Store and Google Play.

* Biker Mice from Mars will be set to 'live' on App Store/Google Play Store at 3:00am EST, Tuesday December 15th – app stores can take some time to propagate *

* Please note that the links provided in the above press release will become active when the apps are live *

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