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Kicking into Kickstarter: Disrupting the Adult Industry - Sex Game Goes Crowdfunding (NSFW)

5:19 PM

We're going crowdfunding to complete our game Save the World or Not®! Check out our Indiegogo crowdfunding website at:

Free adult material is nowadays all over the internet, and adult tube sites continue to wreak havoc on revenues of traditional membership sites that are based on selling access to media like videos.

Media like online games, on the other hand, provide several advantages over disposable video clips. Besides the fact that online games cannot easily be copied, they can also engage the audience in a long-term and deeper way, with an ever-expanding world of persistent characters, story, and the player's impact on the world.
The game Save the World or Not® is set up to disrupt the adult industry as a new kind of online single-player adventure game.

It features a continuously expanding epic adventure story, graphics based on live-action video, and... lots of explicit sex.

For the final development stretch for the game, however, the developers are looking for additional funding.

A crowdfunding campaign has now gone live at Indiegogo.
"An online game at this quality level doesn't come cheap. We have poured our own resources into it over the last few years, and it would be a pity to give up the project so close now to the finish line," Alexander Nareyek, studio head of Kingdom Crafting, said. "Crowdfunding is basically the only option for us, because nobody will fund you or even work with you if you're in the adult area." He adds: "The moral compass of many people seems sadly out of whack. In the light of the increasing number of guys that think that violence is the answer for everything, freedom and love should perhaps be a little bit more valued."
For people supporting the developers for the completion of the game at the crowdfunding webpage (also anonymously), the developers are happy to give back, and offer vouchers for the game and other goodies.

SAVE THE WORLD OR NOT® is a registered trademark of Kingdom Crafting Pte Ltd,, company registration no.: 200821813C

* Please be advised that the videos and websites contain content strictly for Adults Only.

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