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Kicking into Kickstarter: Ray Bradbury's 'Dandelion Wine' Film Switches Gears to Crowdfunding With Kickstarter

4:20 PM

RGI PRODUCTIONS' filmmaker Rodion Nahapetov and producer Natasha Shliapnikoff, long-time friends and colleagues of Ray Bradbury, launch their KICKSTARTER campaign for the "Dandelion Wine" movie.
Natasha said, "The Kickstarter campaign is so important to us because by receiving the support of Ray's fans and friends, we will be able to make the movie the way Ray would have wanted it made – independently, true to his vision and with love."

Ray Bradbury was one of the most celebrated writers of all time. His iconic writings included "Fahrenheit 451," "Martian Chronicles," "Dandelion Wine," "The Illustrated Man," "Something Wicked This Way Comes," among others.

Ray worked very closely with his friend and colleague, Rodion Nahapetov.

As a result of their collaboration, the screenplay "Dandelion Wine" was born.

Ray blessed the script and entrusted the film adaption of his most personal novel "Dandelion Wine" to Rodion, as writer/director, and, to his longtime friend, Natasha Shliapnikoff, as the producer.

Both Natasha and Rodion gave their solemn promise to Ray that his "Dandelion Wine" film would be made.

The "Dandelion Wine" film will be Ray Bradbury's last legacy and also a legacy to all his fans and friends who will be involved, through their contributions and participation, in the making of this unique project.

Rodion Nahapetov said, "Ray is no longer with us, but I know that he would have loved the idea of his fans helping us create a cinematic legacy of his beloved 'Dandelion Wine'. This was Ray's unfinished business."

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