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LiveList Launches Ultimate Guide for Live Streamed Concerts

11:33 PM

Former Technology and Music Executives Team Up
to Make Live Music More Accessible

LiveList, founded by three former technology, media and music entrepreneurs, announced the launch of the LiveList app for iOS.

LiveList is the ultimate guide to discovering live streamed music experiences, offering access to thousands of live streamed concerts from around the world all in one place.

With over 55 million people watching live streamed music performances every year and the increasing ability for artists to perform live from their living rooms.

LiveList makes it easy for fans to find out when their favorite artists are streaming a show and where they can go to watch it.

"As a venue owner and producer of hundreds of live streamed shows, I've watched the influence this technology has had on the industry in the last decade. It's opened up a whole new opportunity for artists and music services," Allen Sanford, co-founder and CEO of LiveList, said. "And now, with more shows and platforms becoming available every day, the supply needs a simple way of reaching the demand. LiveList is the single best place to discover when concerts are streaming live and where you can watch them."
LiveList aggregates information about live streaming music performances from thousands of sources across the web, from YouTube to Live Nation.

Fans add live and upcoming shows they want to see to their personalized LiveList to receive notifications anytime any show on their list goes live.

Additionally, fans can follow artists they like, or import their music tastes from Spotify, to automatically add their upcoming shows to their LiveList.
"We want to make sure fans never miss the shows they want to see from artists they care about," Rob Lissner, co-founder and COO, said. "With the explosive growth in live streaming, and an estimated 50,000 live streaming concerts happening every year across more than 2,000 sources, discovering relevant shows is only getting harder. That's a problem LiveList is aiming to solve."
"LiveList broadens the scope of the live music you have access to and brings more live music into your life than any other app," Karl Rogers, co-founder of LiveList, said.
Co-founders, Allen Sanford, Karl Rogers, and Rob Lissner joined forces in 2014.

Rob was an early employee at Facebook and Yahoo!.

Allen Sanford is the owner of Saint Rocke, a prominent music venue in Hermosa Beach, CA and Karl Rogers is the former Senior Vice President for Road Runner High Speed Online.

Together, they bring decades of experience in live music, social technology, and media distribution.

LiveList is currently available in Apple App store and at

LiveList is a trademark of Livehouse Media, Inc. All other company names and products are registered trademarks of their respective companies. No endorsement is implied.

LiveList is the ultimate guide to discovering live streamed music experiences. With access to tens of thousands of live music shows, aggregated from platforms across the web, LiveList notifies you when artists you love are broadcasting live so you never miss a show again. LiveList is available in the iOS app store. LiveList is headquartered in Venice, CA.

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