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New 'GAME OF CHOICES® II' iOS App Puts Entertaining Twist on Career Decisions

7:07 PM

Souletics® technology company to launch its free app Jan. 3 at the iTunes app store

Souletics® LLC announced today the release of their free iOS app, "GAME OF CHOICES® II," the ultimate career test.

The app will be available as a free download at the iTunes App store on Jan. 3.

Professional athlete turned software engineer and Souletics® founder, Damon J. Smith, said he developed his game from many of the hard lessons he learned through his years in professional football and corporate America.

"Many people underestimate how challenging it can be to navigate a career, regardless of the industry," Smith said.  "Advanced education, talent and technical training is no longer enough.  It takes a different mindset to get ahead."
That different mindset is core to Smith's game.

Featuring a career quiz and variety of career paths, players must first select from their social values and are then rewarded points for how well they handle career scenarios and "life curveball questions" presented through each path.

They can access a mentor for help at any time, and there is even a $100 cash incentive to play well.

At a time when more than 80% of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs (according to Business Insider), the concept of trying on a different profession for size may be just what budding professionals need.
"I wanted the game to be entertaining, and maybe even a little provocative," Smith said.  "But moreover I want it to help people make the kinds of decisions that will result in long term success." Smith says that among the other apps his company has in the works is a version of "GAME OF CHOICES® II" for the iWatch.  
Due for release mid to end of January 2016, the watch version will alert wearers throughout the day to make positive choices.

For more information, visit or call 916-913-9674.

About Souletics®
Formed in 2011, Souletics® creates socially responsible technology centered around self improvement and business development.  In addition to mobile apps, the company offers books, videos, a health and wellness blog (, and a 40-day transformation program, available on its website

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