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People Are Talking All That Plah Blah Blah About 'Wild One'

3:14 PM

While the phrase "blah, blah, blah" is a common euphemism for meaningless chatter, new pop sensation, Plah Blah Blah will have tongues wagging with her musical debut as the Thai party girl brings energy, playful sensuality and a welcomed eccentricity to an industry too often defined by rules.
Under the direction and production company of talented actor, producer, director, singer, songwriter, Steven Skyler, Plah is poised to bring her rule breaking, pleasure-party persona to the masses with her first single and video "Wild One."

The track possesses a modern day electronic edge, which has been perfectly melded with Plah's mischievousness in a perfect pop matrimony.

The video captures Plah's "wild" personality as it cleverly highlights her sexy, sassy, silly and uninhibited style.

Inspired by her astrological sign Scorpio, the concept involves the theme of an all powerful scorpion queen dominating a room of masochistic businessmen who dare ignore the Queen.

She draws them into her fantasy world and teaches them a thing or two in wondrous sequence of silly antics.

Shot exclusively at Secret Sky Production's state-of-the-art studio, the video features an intriguing blend of 19th century decor and eye popping fun effects, delighting us with the appearance of actor Jason Faunt, best known for his role as Time Force Red Power Ranger.

"Wild One", is now available wherever digital media is sold.

Plah is also developing a line of clothing, as well as several feature films in conjunction with Secret Sky Productions.

Born and raised in Thailand, actress and singer Plah is the quintessential high society party girl. With a new single, album, and movies on the horizon, the Thai temptress is ready to dominate the industry with her playful, yet pleasurable personality.

About Secret Sky Productions
Secret Sky Productions is a full service production company that specializes in music writing, producing, film, music videos, script services, demo reels, and photography. Owned and operated by actor, director, producer, singer, and songwriter, Steven Skyler, the studio is located in Van Nuys, CA and offers a broad range of shooting possibilities.

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