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The Wizards of Winter create holiday magic

1:26 PM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

It's the magical time of the year with holiday warmth and spectacular music like "The Magic is Winter" by The Wizards of Winter.

One of the most attention grabbing Christmas albums with a big powerful rock sound.
With so many repetitive versions of the same holiday classics redone by any and every artist, "The Magic of Winter" is a breath of fresh air to a genre of music which hardly has any new original music.

"Winter Magic" shows magnificent instrumentals from a rock orchestra with powerful, dominat sound. 

The vocals to the track are brilliant with a soothing nature which at time contrasts the instrumentals, but can intensify to match the power and enchants the ear.

"The Spirit of Christmas" brings a new style to Christmas music and can become an instant Christmas classic. 

The awe inspiring instrumentals are lead by a hard rock guitar brilliantly played with ballad-style riffs accompanied by wind instruments and piano.

The male vocalist is fantastic with an '80's power ballad sound.

Not many musicians can both excite and send chills with a great combination of vocals and instrumental, but this album is great at doing just that song after song.

"Waken to the sound" showcases a familiar Christmas song with a twist. The hard-rock style helps give the classic Christmas song new life.

The Wizards of Winter don't try to re-invent the classic Christmas songs by adding verses or lyrics to the songs, but they include the familiar sounds to enhance the new songs they have created.

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