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Veteran Hollywood Film Producer Predicts Guerrilla Film Making As Future Wave

5:14 PM

Veteran maverick film producer Alicia Allain (, who has completed an astounding four (4) independent films this year alone, said, "The future for Guerrilla film making in Hollywood has never been brighter."

Allain, who has more than 25 years of film and TV industry experience, has been heralded of late for starting a "film revolution from her home state of Louisiana."
"Guerrilla film making may well be the salvation of Hollywood," Allain said. "Film audiences today want more risks from their film. Traditional film making isn't responding to the needs of the audiences of today."
Allain believes that her tenacity took root in part because of her alliance with legendary filmmaker and legendary rebel producer Robert Evans. Allain ran Evans' company for a period of four years and maintains a close friendship with Evans to this day.
"Audiences enjoy feeling some degree of un-comfortableness in their movie-going experience," Allain said.

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