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'Getting On: The Complete Third Season' Arrives on Digital HD Jan. 18

4:54 PM

Blending outrageous humor and unexpected moments of tenderness, the critically-acclaimed HBO® comedy series "Getting On" follows the daily lives of nurses and doctors as they struggle with the darkly comic realities of caring for the elderly in an overwhelmed healthcare system, skewering the petty bureaucracies of modern medical practice in America.

From creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer (co-creators of the acclaimed HBO series Big Love®), the “brilliantly droll” (Entertainment Weekly) "Getting On: The Complete Third Season" will be available to own on Digital HD Jan. 18.

The six-part final season finds Dr. Jenna James (Laurie Metcalf) determined to put the corporate-hospice scandal behind her, and pushing her research ambitions further than ever before.

Nurse DiDi (Niecy Nash, Emmy® nominated for her role) emerges as a union leader amidst a family drama that finds its way onto the ward.

Newly married Nurse Dawn (Alex Borstein) struggles to make sense of her new responsibilities and uncertain future, continuing to circle the orbit of male Supervising Nurse Patsy (Mel Rodriguez), who’s looking to embrace a new lifestyle.

These personal stories play out against the backdrop of Billy Barnes’ threatened demise and the fight to keep the ward (and hospital) alive.

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