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@MikeTheMovieGuy TV Review: 'Marco Polo Season 1'

12:46 AM

Marco Polo
Written by Mike 'The Movie Guy'

When MARCO POLO first arrived on Netflix - I was like, "What the hell...I'll try it." YOOOOOO!!! I'm so glad I did. This Netflix Original Series is pretty sweet!

I literally watched episode after more and finished it! (lol) I even got my boy DJ Wicked hooked on the series. You can say we've been patiently waiting for season 2 to arrive. (lol)

People...if you like watching GUUUUUUUUUUD stuff, martial arts and...HOT gals who can whoop this series! It's dope.

If you get your hands on a blu-ray copy like I did. Seriously watch the special features. Good stuff people...especially The Martial Arts of Marco Polo and Fight Scenes Rehearsals. Oh...the gag real is funny as well - - the show is so serious - it was funny to see the cast having fun. (lol) Once you're done with the special features - you'll realize that A LOT goes into making this series.

Season 2. I'm ready...actually...I've been ready.

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