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'Path To Freedom Route,' Unique Coverage In U.S. Television, at America TeVe

3:34 PM

América TeVé once again makes television history in the United States with its unique coverage of its' caravan "Path To Freedom Route."

For the first time, a professional news team accompanies step by step and day by day, the first group of Cuban refugees stranded for months in Costa Rica, through its pilgrimage through Central America, Mexico and the United States to Miami, Florida territory.

From a bus, contracted by América TeVé and the Pegasus group, our station team, newscaster, Juan Manuel Cao, Alexis Ardines producer and cameraman Luis Quian, have been reporting from the caravan's route across 12 states of the Mexican Republic.

After crossing the border from the United States, the Cuban refugees will continue heading to Miami, where family and friends will welcome them in América TeVé's studios.

Juan Manuel Cao, together with his team, traveled to the camps of Costa Rica, where thousands of Cubans await the time of the desired trip to Miami.

Their personal stories go beyond the news and become living testimony of another dramatic exodus.

The news of a crossing constantly threatened by smugglers and corrupt officials, who have exhausted their savings and the health of the refugees, ads touching family stories.

We see the wrenching testimony of a mother waiting for a child who has not seen in 30 years.

We see the story of the famous cartoonist Arístides Pumariega, who lost a son during the exodus of the rafters of 1994, and now waits for her young grandson.

Aristides received was punished by the government and was separated from their artistic functions for 8 years in the 1970's for sharp criticisms of the Cuban political system, and his popular cartoons where character Underdevelopment Perez was vanished from graphic press.

Juan Manuel Cao, reporting from the rough terrain of this caravan through jungles, mountains and deserts, joined a second team of América TeVé in Laredo, Texas led by reporter, Rolando Nápoles and cameraman Alberto Porras, along with additional staff from the network.

The President and CEO of America CV Network, Carlos Vasallo, said with the waiting for the massive arrival of the caravan to Miami, América TeVé reaffirms its commitment to this community, providing the most comprehensive coverage with a historical event full of emotions and expectations.

Once again, America Teve's coverage is a step ahead of other networks.

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