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Reason's to be a Swifty in 2016

11:23 PM

Two Taylor Swift fans explain why they continue 
their admiration for the pop super star

Written by Alicia M. (Story of My Life)

You may not know me, yet, but my name is Alicia.

I am an aspiring writer, mental health advocate and swifty for life.

I was given the opportunity to write what being a Swifty really means, especially in 2016.

I feel like last year (2015) was an ever changing year for Taylor.

She made music history, with her 1989 World Tour.

From Country Princess to dominating the Pop World, she really took the music world by storm.

She traveled the globe, performing, meeting fans, and bringing inspiration into our lives.

She really outdid herself from the RED era.

When a fan experiences one of Swift's shows, it's like nothing you've seen before, ever.

1989 was my first Taylor Swift concert, and I went alone.

I decided to dress up like a cheerleader from the ''Shake It Off'' music video.

I put on bright red lipstick and I was on my way to see something amazing.

Every concert attendee got a light up bracelet and during the concert the bracelet would turn different colors and Taylor made a point that she can see every one of us glowing and that was special to her and special to us.

During the 1989 World Tour, she invited some of the most amazing musicians/guests to perform with her on Stage.

All different musicians,different genres, every night was magical.

I don't think any other musician or artist that does this.

Swift is unlike any other musician or famous person.

She truly cares about her fans and she connects to them.

You could be having a bay day or you could be having a really great day and have amazing news to share, so you go on Tumblr and post it, and if your lucky enough she might respond.

I feel like over the years, the media has this opinion of Swift being a ''Serial Dater'' and they tend to make up stories over nothing.

In your twenties you are suppose to ''date'' and meet people.

I never understood the point of media bashing her for this.

But hey she still stands strong even if her opinion isn't the most favored.

Taylor is one of the most brilliant songwriters of our generation.

She writes about what she experiences, her life experiences.

She worked with Max Martin, and Jack Antonoff (Just to name a few) for her "1989" album.

I admire her for the strength she has to tell her stories.

In 2015, Swift made several speeches known as the ''Clean Speeches."

During the speeches, she would make a point about how we see ourselves(self-esteem).

I witnessed one of these speeches, and I can't express enough how inspiring and cleansing it was to hear the ''Real Talk'' about life and how we see it.

Life isn't perfect, and it's okay to make mistakes.

"Walking through rainstorms, get's you Clean'' and Swift even though I didn't personally get to meet you, I hope one day I will be able to meet you because you inspire me as a writer and to do something amazing with my life.

Thank you.
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Aside from Taylor Swift taking a break from her music career once the 1989 world tour is over, there's many reasons why fans should continue keeping an eye out for Swift throughout the year.

It was well before the album "1989" that Swift gained fame, but she continues to be an inspiration and keeps being a progressive artist.

With 2015 in the past, 2016 seems to be headed as a memorable one for Swift.

From a country superstar to taking the pop genre by storm, Swift has never been one to back down from a challenge.

Here's some of the reasons Taylor Swift is and will continue to be an artist to listen to.

Swift knows when to hold 'em and when to fold them.
After such a successful "1989" album release and world tour it is said that Swift will take some time away from her already historic music career.

It's unclear what she will be doing with her time, but fans are sure to be keeping her in the spotlight with whatever her endeavors will be.

Swift knows how to stand her ground.
Her music has a fierce tone, but she also keeps her conviction about many aspects of her career.

Swift knows how to pick her battles and isn't one to be swayed by being the unpopular opinion as her split with Spotify showed.

She continued being the commanding force as her music continues to show.

Artist who really aren't affected by the problem of digital media, steaming, album sales or that make the majority of their money from endorsement, television appearances or whose fans are the ones going out there and purchasing physical albums would tend to disagree with.

Swift's music holds up even in other styles.
As covers go, there has been many cover albums with several songs from several artist, but Swift was honored by Ryan Adams who covered her "1989" album song by song in an indie style.

There's been several Swift songs that have been covered fantastically by punk groups on the punk goes pop albums, but Adams takes the gold with his magnificent tribute to the amazing Swift pop album.

Swift's music videos are beyond belief.
Not only are the songs spectacular and mind-blowing, but the cinematic style of her music videos as of late are an experience and not just a sit and watch music video.

The lively "Shake it off" music video, the short film "Bad Blood" which feature Kendrick Lamar re-imagining the song, the 360-virtual reality experience which was "Blank Spaces," the visionally stunning "Wildest Dreams" and "Style" and the story-driven beauty of "Out of the Woods," every one of these music videos push the bar higher and higher of what a music video should be.

Swift is not afraid to be herself.
Although to fans had mixed reactions, "1989" is an album unlike any other Swift has release and it's not as thought provoking as other albums, it just may be her most intimate album.

Not only does she throw herself fully into a genre which contain many huge names, but she does so embracing her flaws. She's gone through a transformation and she is able to "Shake it off," at least the negativity.

She doesn't only have the strength to embrace her flaws, she parades them around and forces listeners to see her for who she is with songs like "Shake it off," "Welcome to New York," "Blank Spaces," and "Wildest Dreams," although they are spectacular anthems, they hold so much passion and inspiration that it almost seems therapeutic and like we are seeing into Swift's soul, intentional or not.

The list can keep going, but the point is that while Swift continues on tour through 2016 she's definitely someone to keep an eye on because her talent will keep her in the spotlight.

Who knows what she has planned for fans in the year to come.

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