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DeafHeaven puts together long thrash songs for playlist

3:29 PM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The final stop of tour had DeafHeaven playing magnificent long hardcore thrash metal song at the Hollywood Palladium on Feb. 12.

The venue wasn't full with the sold out crowd just yet, but this band played lengthy songs which changed tempo just perfect for continuing a song and making each song epic.

Once again like the opening act Power Trip (check out their set review here), lead singer George Clarke was the main person moving around stage playing to the crowd.

The performance was difficult to see as all the light was behind the band and all that could be seen the majority of the time were silhouettes.

Aside from visual, the music was fantastic with even a slower tempo song mixed in to make the final song even more extraordinary.

DeafHeaven has what it takes to be a headlining band, but as a band which is followed by Anthrax they still have a fantastic spot, a great metal performance and deserve so much credit for getting the crowd pumped up.

Although their sound isn't something all music fans can appreciate, metal fans are in for a treat listening to DeafHeaven.

Guitarists Shiv Mehra and Kerry McCoy combine to be a powerful guitar sound, bassist Steven Clark comes in as a deep bass sound which compliments well.

The strength of the band is definitely the insane drums played by Daniel Tracy. Even when not being able to play to the crowd the continuous incredible sound produced by the combination of his entire drum set help make every other part of this band sound greater.

Definitely a band to keep an eye on.

The night in photos:

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