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Lamb of God finish powerful line-up

1:36 AM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Tired fans cheered for three bands, which included legendary Anthrax, before taking the cheered to a new height when Lamb of God took the stage at the Hollywood Palladium.

As the final band, on the final night of the winter tour, Lamb of God played a powerful set which had the audience cheering straight through.

Singer Randy Blythe came out to a roaring crowd which just intensified as the singer began the first song.

Guitarist Willie Adler took his place on the left side and played riff after riff of intense power chords.

Bassist John Campbell wasn't left behind as he moved around stage keeping an amazingly steady rhythm on bass.

Drummer Chris Adler was a beast as he controlled the tempo of the song with a stellar performance song after song.

Lead guitarist Mark Morton had a magnificent night as he brought all instruments together with his powerful metal sound.

The stage started off dark with only the Lamb of God logo on either side of the stage in large white letters projected on a screen, but soon enough the band took the stage and performed one of the best performances.

The last night of this tour had four bands play an amazing final show, but Lamb of God closed with a magnificent set.

Blythe showed that, although Anthrax singer Joey Belladonna set the bar high with an incredible performance moving around stage, he was not going to be out done or let fans down.

The rest of the band hardly moved from their set spots, but Blythe made up for it by moving around the entire stage singing and head-banging with his long hair whipping back and forth.

Fantastic performance and well fitting of the final act on the closing night of the tour.

The night's performance in photos:

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