BLAMEET Launches its UBER for Journalists/Freelancers

2:15 AM

BLAMEET.COM, the new concept of community platform where citizens freely publish opinions through compliments and criticisms, has initiated a system (only by invitation during the initial launch phase) whereby journalists/freelancers can earn money based on a new economic model.
Alexandra Voltini, 19 years old, founder of the site said, "This is a win-win approach. On the one hand, the site increases its readership and on the other, contributors earn income, anywhere from extra cash to serious revenue. To note, this "Uberization" for journalists and freelancers is not in competition with any profession, rather it's a helpful service to many. So, no dangers of protesters on the horizon...LOL."
ID of the concept :
BLAMEET presents itself as a "Journal of public interest, written by citizens for citizens," with the goal of becoming an evolving ecosystem of free thinking and opinion-sharing to improve lives and serve communities of interests.
BLAMEET is a diverse forum for opinions as well as a rich provider of captivating and entertaining content (fun, practical, cultural, educational, editorial, etc).
BLAMEET combines the "convenience" of Facebook, the "brevity" of Twitter and the "connectivity" of LinkedIn to publish opinions, comments, moods, invectives, convictions, complements and criticisms to improve the lives of our citizens.
Site URL:   (also available on Apple Store and Play Store for smartphones)
Creator: Alexandra Voltini (Franco-Swiss, 19 years old, student at IESEG Paris, began work on the project at 16 years old, see full history at:
Business model: the site's business model has the rare particularity of not only being based on advertising but also on paid services by companies, institutions and the media.
Subjects: three levels of functionality...
  1. Editorials, opinions, debates, open forums, hats off, entertainment, evaluations, etc. by way of Blames and Compliments (presented in the form of posts)
  2. Self-promotion for freelance writers and journalists, with an author Profile and personal Journal (possible subscription to Journals)
  3. Real improvement of everyday with CAPCommunity Action Plans (generated from Blames published on the site)
Audience: all ages, from children to seniors, whatever their interests: sports, politics, fun, brands, sex, technology, people, health, music, art, fashion, news, religion, etc.
Access: everyone; registration is free. 
Official launch date: in France and the US (but the UK site is already operational), February 2016 (soon to follow in other "free-thinking" countries)  
Origin: "Blameet" results from the merger of "to blame" (-) and "to meet" (+)
  • Interactivity between countries: ability to write notes in other countries (the flag of the country of origin appears next to the author name in this case)
  • Sophisticated management of keywords, filter system and search tool allow "à la carte" selection of posts, according to tastes and moods
  • Promotional posters are available from the website (bottom left), but only if the screen is large enough to present the 3 columns (if not, just 2 columns)

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