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Cupcake Berry Launches SUPER8POOL, the Game that Allows Players to Make Money

6:00 PM

On March 21 Cupcake Berry launches Super8Pool, the only unique game that gives people the opportunity to make real money just by playing pool online.
Just one visit on the platform is enough to become obsessed by this game. 
Cupcake Berry implemented 'Berries' in the game. 
Every player has them and they can be used in many ways. 
The important fact is that berries can be converted into real money, depending on the daily exchange rate. 
The next step the player can take is to withdraw its money on his/her PayPal or bank account, being rewarded for the time spent on Super8Pool platform. 
This concept makes Super8Pool a truly unique game.
The player who succeeds to pocket all the pool balls, striped or solids, and strike the black 8 ball in the pocket is declared the winner and doubles the berries entered in the game. 
The berries get transferred in the player's account immediately. 
More games won, more money earned. It's that simple.
Super8Pool gaming platform also provides 2 membership options, which players can choose. 
The free membership allows users to play for berries and the possibility of exchanging the berries for money. 
The VIP Membership is perfect for the people who want to make potentially more money, offering the players the possibility of playing directly for money instead of berries.
By entering the game, players can easy collect their first berries before starting to play. 
The game platform is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
About Cupcake Berry
Cupcake Berry was founded almost a year ago from a simple idea - a "missing link" in the gaming industry. The company's main goal was to build a next-generation game platform from scratch, offering its players the possibility of making money just by having fun and using their intelligence and skills.

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