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DRAGON ENCOUNTER - The Exciting, Brand New, Fantasy Action RPG on Mobile

11:51 AM

SnowPopcorn game studios are proud to present a new experience in the Action RPG genre, their incredible take on the Dungeon Crawling style of games. Dragon Encounter is a free to play game in which you must fight through various levels and dungeons, defeating hundreds of enemies and bosses, while collecting different kinds of loot, and upgrading your heroes, which you play in an innovative realtime party-based gameplay.

SnowPopcorn brings to the mobile market an incredible new title. A dungeon crawling, realtime party-based, intense, action RPG called "Dragon Encounter". In the game, you control one or three heroes as you proceed through various levels, defeating various enemies and bosses. Along the way, you level up your characters and collect different and various kinds of equipment, which you can put on your characters to make them stronger.

Play your way through the campaign, and unearth an incredible plot, filled with surprises and endearing characters, as you explore your way through dungeons and perils. Or fight against real people in PVP and Guild Battles, and show your friends your skills and powerful heroes. Unlock handsome rewards, including dozens of costumes for your characters.

Game features:

  • Dazzling visuals, with beautiful lush environments and awesome animations
  • Strategize your way through challenges with a unique real time party-based play
  • Over 100 costumes to customize your heroes with
  • Master your combat skills, in true Dungeon Crawling Fantasy RPG style, and unlock hundreds of equipment pieces and avatars.
  • Choose from a variety of different modes to play with
  • Hundreds of levels to fight your way through,
  • Defeat dragons and monsters in a charming and well written story, filled with endearing characters.

Device Requirements: Android v.4.1 or following (2Gb device memory recommended)

iOS : iPhone 5 with iOS 7.0 OS or newer

Pricing and Availability: Dragon Encounter is free to play and is available (Mar.10, 2016) globally through Google Play Store and App Store in the Role Playing (Games) Category.

Company description:
SnowPopcorn is a game studio that was established in 2013. All of its members are veterans from the game industry with over 10 years of experience, now focusing on developing RPG action games. 'Dragon Encounter' is the company's first title which became an instant hit, achieving the 1st rank in the App Store and Google Play store in Korea, Japan and South-east Asia.

Download Link:

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