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Thisfunktional Magazine - The Sugar Daddy Website for Today's Millionaires

11:47 PM is proud to announce the launch of their new millionaire matchmaking service.

The company is dedicated to helping millionaires meet the most beautiful and sophisticated women in a fashion that fits a fast paced lifestyle.
Houpps co-founder Charles Penn said, "Right now there are not enough options for rich men with high standards to meet someone online."
The company is going to change the online dating game because understands that at the core of every good relationship is a common understanding between the people involved.

In the past this club was reserved for private clients without the use of any websites.

Over time the company realized their mission was to bring like-minded people together in the easiest way possible.  
"We want people to spend their precious free time with someone they want to be with and we want to be part of the process" Penn said.  
Seeking arrangement or arrangements for a person's personal needs is the modern way busy people choose to meet and the team behind understands this process.

"Sugar daddy" is a slang term for a man who offers financial and material support to a younger companion.

"Sugar baby" is a slang term for a young woman who is financially pampered or cared for by a Sugar daddy in exchange for companionship.

Houpps is the host for men who wish to spoil and pamper a beautiful young woman.

After two interested parties meet online, the company goes the extra mile offering vacation packages, private concierge services, luxury villas, private jets and yachts not to mention 100% confidential billing.

A Sugar daddy relationship is not like most relationships because the players have been carefully chosen and certain variables have been removed from the game.

Houpps uses the latest technology to join like-minded people together in just a few easy clicks.

Registration is simple, straight forward and free for Sugar babies.

Unlike other dating sites, Houpps guarantees that all members are real and never allows software bots or fake profiles.

For people seeking a certain kind of arrangement –-life can only get richer after registering with Houpps.

Houpps is advising potential clients of any dating service to be selective in making their choices.

Clients are encouraged to shoot for the stars and find someone who is an excellent fit for them. When seeking an arrangement, clients should have the highest standards and know what qualities they desire in their partner.

With Houpps, clients get a choice of membership plans and services that fit even the most discerning person's tastes and desires.

For more information about Houpps matchmaking services and their exclusive membership plan, please visit

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