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JenCarlos Canela talks about playing Jesus in THE PASSION LIVE

1:50 PM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The Bible is adapted to modern times in order to share the story of Christ to a new generation.

Actor-singer JenCarlos Canela plays Jesus in FOX's The Passion Live.

With the monumental role Canela said he is honored to be able to take the role in such a powerful story and excited to show the world how it has stayed respectful to scripture, but still modernized with pop songs everyone knows.

Canela is thrilled that he can share this story that is supposed to be unifying in a way that can bring every generation together and show that no matter how people dress, what their style is or ethnicity, a relationship with God can be had by all.

Through Canela's words it can be heard the passion he has for the role and the excitement he has to be able to perform it live, for the most part, and include all the amazing actors on the cast as well as the people of New Orleans.

In a time when searching for something to watch on TV there can be seen reports of terrorism, ISIS, war or the trouble with law enforcement in the United States, Canela said it's necessary to show people that there is more and that there is good.

Canela wants to be part of a project which unites people with one powerful story, which stays true to the scripture, but also is able to bring it to modern times so he can show that everyone can have a relationship with God and it doesn't matter what style of clothing people wear or what ethnicity they are, people can be religious and good.

The Passion Live airs on FOX March 20 at 8 p.m.

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