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LONDON HAS FALLEN Soundtrack Scores Intense Track

5:27 PM

Whether people love or hate the "London has Fallen," 
the music score is worth talking about

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The action-packed beyond belief battles to protect the President of the United States of America in "London has Fallen" gets a fantastic score which helps pace the scenes and pin-point the critical moment.

The original motion picture soundtrack by Trevor Morris helps keep the action fast-paced and helps keep the audience on the edge of their seat.

From title track "London Has Fallen," which sets the mood for the entire film, to the "End Titles / Credits" the 24 tracks control the intensity of each scene.

The start of "London has Fallen" sets a percussion heavy track with a mix of world music to a slow and steady powerful sound.

The strings take over through most of the middle tracks from spectacular guitar riffs to beautiful violins.

"London Attacked" shows these strings as a powerful suspense-inspiring track which comes in and makes the action on screen even more thrilling.

The change of pace with the through the track helps lead the into a marvelous culmination of the action on screen.

"I'm not Going to Die on YouTube" is another track which keeps the theme of powerful string dominant music. The track inspires a sense of caution in the audience as its creepy and moving.

Tracks like "Rescuing Asher" come in as a percussion heavy track to make the heart start racing and the action feel more intense.

The contrast in score from track to track help keep emotions high. There are fantastic mixtures of fast and slow paced tracks to lead the audience through the action-packed movie to a percussion heavy song which balances the beginning of the movie with the end of the movie.

It doesn't matter how much someone loved the movie, how much someone hated it, how indifferent people felt about it, "London has Fallen Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" scores the film well and seamlessly matches the action on screen with the right mixture of instruments to help grab the audience's attention.

"London has Fallen Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" is available now.

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