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New book disavows Church, tells Millennials to hate it

10:17 PM

Dallas author Mike Moore is driving a much-needed wedge between the people who love church and those who love God with his new book "Love God Hate Church: Moving Past the 'Dos & Don'ts.'"

The American church is at crossroads.

Millennials are leaving in record numbers.

While they're avoiding Sunday services, they haven't abandoned the idea of God altogether.
"It's just that they'd rather talk about God over two beers on Saturday than in a church building on Sunday," Moore said.
Church is too often a place where broken people feel judged rather than welcomed and accepted.

Millennials are leaving church because, for decades, religious leaders have upheld lifestyle choices as the measure of a Christian life, rather than the gospel message of God's unconditional, transformative love through Christ.
"Mike's message helped me break the strongholds and chains I was living in by showing me true grace and freedom," Shella Sattler, Choreographer for Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaigns, Founder of the Power House of Dance, said.
As a result, churches everywhere can't seem to keep Millennials from leaving.

"Love God Hate Church" explains what churches should do about it: focus on hearts rather than dictate actions.
Mike said, it's obvious why Millennials won't go to church. "They're sneered at for having a couple of tattoos, and they're shunned for being gay before they make it to the front door." 
"Love God Hate Church" is purposefully provocative.

It's a passionate call to stop focusing on "dos and don'ts," and instead share God's amazing love.

About the Author
A full-time businessman and global motivational teacher with over forty years of experience, Mike has a gift for communication. He's spoken to IBM, ExxonMobil, the New York Yankees, the American Red Cross, and scores of other businesses, universities, and churches on four continents.

Mike earned his MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology and worked his way up from Chicago's south side to become the perennial number one salesman in one of the world's largest international leasing companies. Mike Moore reaches hearts—not just minds.

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