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7:18 PM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

A slow start for "Shockwave Darkside" coupled with the strange visuals may be unappealing to some, but sticking through the entire movie leads to a good payoff.

The story leads to a fantastic ethical dilemma, wraps up well and delivers some entertaining moments.

A spacecraft is shot down between two groups that are at war on the moon. The machine, played by Mei Melançon, leads the survivors through the craters.

Melançon seems to get the subtle parts of her character down good. She is able to bring about a worried, yet strong demeanor to her character that keeps a human side to her.

Mercenary Dalton, played by Bill Sage, Private Lang, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, and Corporal Kim, played by Rick Ceraulo, are the group the machine has to find a way to keep alive and get to safety.

Sage is one of the actors which helps bring an intensity to the film. The acting for him is great when complimented by the rest.

Martin-Green brings a bit of humanity into the sci-fi movie. She is able to give her own touch to the movie and further the storyline.

Ceraulo is playful and adds a comic relief, but still serious enough to advance the story without halting it. The range of his acting is showcased well.

The visuals aren't the best and at times can distract from the storyline, but the story on its own culminates well.

The story staggers at first, but it only builds up towards a thought provoking conclusion that can be a social political issue of real life.

I give this sci-fi movie 3 out of 5 Popcorns. It's a decent watch. The visuals take away from the story, but the strong ending is the saving grace of the movie. The acting is good, although the strange space suits are so hideous. There's a bit of everything hidden in the story, so it can be enjoyable for many people.

"Shockwave Darkside" is available On Demand now.

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