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Playboy TV's COUGAR CLUB Is Ready To Devour Reality TV

11:24 PM

Playboy TV announces the premiere of its most ambitious series yet "Cougar Club LA."

This highly anticipated new docu-reality series is set to air beginning March 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on Playboy TV.

From the creative mind behind "The Real World," "The Osbournes" and "Last Comic Standing," "Cougar Club LA" puts you in a mansion with five sensual, mature and single women who are always looking to devour young men.

Thanks to celebrity cougars such as Courteney Cox, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon, interest in the older woman/younger man dynamic has exploded.

There are now dozens of dating websites catering specifically to men seeking partners that are more experienced, while more and more, successful, single women across the country are openly embracing the cougar lifestyle.

Just like their male counterparts, powerful women want arm candy, "Cougar Club LA" will reveal every single step of their "catch and release" mating rituals.
"Cougar Club follows an amazing group of women who are beautiful, fearless and unapologetically predatory." Playboy TV Vice President of Programming and Production, Wendy Miller said, "Women who are older than their male partners have a completely different power dynamic. Cougars take charge and younger guys are more than happy to oblige a woman who's confident, experienced and goes after exactly what she wants."
Learn why more and more older women prefer dating younger men during the inaugural season of "Cougar Club LA," premiering March 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT only on Playboy TV.

See the latest Cougar Club Trailer:

About Playboy TV:
First launched in 1982, Playboy TV is available in more than 66 million homes nationwide and over 70 countries throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia. Playboy TV offers viewers a variety of genres including reality series, international travelogues and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of Playboy, all with the fun and sensual tone for which Playboy is known.  For more information, visit PlayboyTV.Com.

Playboy TV is available nationally.  Visit for TV providers in your community and subscribe today.

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