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TERROR BIRDS scare in a gory horror movie

3:24 PM

Nature sure is scary, but some sci-fi just makes it gory

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Reminiscent of "Jurassic Park," "Terror Birds" is scary, gory and suspenseful although some of the CGI is less than great.

There are some elements of this movie that are cool, like the birds story and the strange "Jurassic Park" feel, but at the same time the romance takes away from the major story line.

Maddy, played by Jessica Lee Keller, is worried her father has gone missing when he heads out on a bird watching expedition.

Keller is adorable and is great at bringing in the audience with a genuine performance. She's able to play a worried young college student.

Her college pals set out to find him. They stumble into a scientist's secluded ranch aviary, which is heavily secured with electrified fences.

They encounter a pair of giant terror birds believed to be extinct for centuries.

The friends, which includes the love interest, are all decent actors, but really there is nothing that makes any performance stand out.

The birds although a cool part of the movie are weird CGI characters which don't move naturally. They are however vicious and probably what most viewers would want to see.

The story is good with some flaws.

The ending is a cliché-ish ending that can be sen coming throughout the final 20 minutes of the film.

The way in which some of the characters die is gory and bloody and cool, but they also seem uninspired.

I give this horror film 3 out of 5 Popcorns. For fans of "Jurassic Park" this film may feel a bit familiar, but it's less than great CGI can jolt viewers from the story. The acting isn't magnificent, but they do seem like college kids, the only thing which is confusing is the way some characters die and where other characters end up. It's not a bad watch as it does entertain throughout.

"TERROR BIRDS" is available On Demand March 8.

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