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TRIPLE 9 takes a heist movie to a new level

12:58 AM

Serious social issues get spotlight in "Triple 9"

Written by Jesus Figueroa

"Triple 9" is more than a crime drama and it takes audiences on a wild journey which is fantastic in presenting a grand story with many real social issues mixed in.

Michael Atwood, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Marcus Belmont, played by Anthony Mackie, Franco Rodriguez, played by Clifton Collins Jr., Gabe Welch, played by Aaron Paul, and Russell Welch, played by Norman Reedus, are a group of friends, corrupt cops, pulling off incredible heist, and now are faced with one of the most impossible heist.

Ejiofor has one of the best roles and does a fantastic job, with a director like John Hellcat thats not surprising. From beginning to end Ejiofor is intense and has a fantastic way of making his character human and relatable.

Mackie is another fantastic actor who is amazing in his role. The moral dilemmas which he is faced with get portrayed incredibly well.

Collins Jr. steals the movie with a role which will have the audiences on the edge of their seats.

Paul plays a great broken and struggling character which is one of the most human.

Reeds is a good addition to be all-star cast and has the look for the part.

The group is going through with the almost impossible heist because Russian mob kingpin Irina Vlasov, played by Kate Winslet, has forced them to take the job.

Winslet is fantastic as the grand villain. The talented cast is well matched with such a devious portrayal by Winslet, who still gives her character class.

Through it all Marcus Belmont gets set up with new partner Chris Allen, played by Casey Affleck, adds an obstacle to their plan.

Affleck is not quite as great as the rest of the cast, but is able to add his own style to the talented cast.

Lead investigator Jeffrey Allen, played by Woody Harrelson, is looking into the crimes and trying to find the capture the group.

Harrelson is fantastic, but doesn't get as much screen time for such a good performance and strong character.

The entire movie is great and there are real issues of corruption and the war on drugs and crime syndicates.

The ending is unexpected, but lacks dramatic effect.

"Triple 9" opened in theaters Feb. 26.

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