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Cieri Media Announces Production Commencement Of Documentary Slate

1:25 AM

After a successful trip to Berlinale/EFM, Dennis Cieri announces commencement of Cieri Media's Documentary Slate: Features: "LOST AT SEA," "NORTH AMERICA'S VANISHING FISHING INDUSTRY," "THE GOWANUS CANAL," "THE CLEANUP BEGINS" and, The Documentary Series: "BEYOND MOSCOW," "RUSSIA'S BURGEONING VACATION ADVENTURES" and "NEW YORK SPIRITS."

Cieri, Director/Cinematographer, is joined by Writer/Producer John Andrucci, Writer Lina Zeldovich and Associate Producer Camille Theobald.

Andrucci began his career in After School Specials at LCA/Highgate Pictures in New York. He then went on to work at DIC Animation, the home of many children's favorites.

In addition to Cieri Media's projects, his schedule of films includes an R&B Documentary, Brandon Zuck's Punk Noir LGBT feature film "STAY," two suspense thrillers, and the animated feature films "SUPERCREW" and "THE PROTECTORS OF THE NEW FRONTIER."

Zeldovich, a sought after science journalist, grew up in a family of Russian scientists listening to stories about volcanoes, black holes and wanderlust voyages in faraway lands. She's survived Siberian winters, Jordanian summers and Columbia JSchool. She has edited science features at the Nautilus magazine, won two awards for a story about poo, and has written for The Atlantic, Newsweek, Psychology Today, Hemispheres, Hakai and Scientific American.

Cieri is the executive director of the New York Indie Film Festival which features the work of independent filmmakers from around the world. A native New Yorker, Dennis directed and produced films, wrote plays, owned bookstores, and built complex computer system for financial companies. His latest cinematic film work includes multiple series on New York's artisan distilleries, booming breweries, and food truck businesses.

Theobald, in addition to her Associate Producer work with Cieri, is a successful comedienne actress, editor, emcee, and host. She will be traveling beyond Moscow, conducting interviews with the locals and providing commentary on Russian's burgeoning vacation adventures.

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