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Dorian D-STRONG Murray Leaves Legacy With LEAVING A MARK

4:13 PM

Lampion Press releases book for 8-year-old 
with pediatric cancer

Dorian "D-Strong" Murray, the 8-year-old diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of pediatric cancer, dreamt of being famous, then achieved it through the power of the internet. 
Though Dorian succumbed to the illness earlier this month, efforts not only to continue his legacy but also to provide support for other families takes its first step today with the release of "Leaving a Mark," a children's book co-authored by Murray and Nicole DeRosa Cannella and released through Lampion Press. 
Murray, who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 4, made a request of his father early this year. 
"I would like to be famous in China," Murray said. 
With that simple statement, and his father's open request through Facebook, "anyone who may know someone in China," the story went viral. 
Hand written signs from around the world began popping up on social media, all with the #DStrong, for which Dorian has become known. 
His request also attracted a wide range of celebrities, from Justin Bieber to Conan O'Brian, who took up his request to be "famous," sending pictures posing with their own handmade signs and words of encouragement to the struggling boy. 
With Dorian's passing on March 8, Cannella plans to continue spreading the word of his strength. 
"After having begun this manuscript and stopped several times," Cannella said,  "I felt moved and deeply inspired to not only complete the book after hearing Dorian's words, but to reach out to him in hopes of furthering his legacy by sharing the book project with him; giving his words a platform. Because what is 'fame' really, if not encouraging others?"
Beyond the fame, Cannella and Melissa Murray, Dorian's mother, hope the book will have a powerful impact on other families going through the difficult journey of cancer. 
"I'm excited to give something to other families that are going through this diagnosis, this journey, and hopefully ease it for them," Murray said.
Dr. Wayne House, President of Lampion Press, feels "Leaving a Mark" is a landmark project for the company, one that will resonate with readers for many years to come. 
"We are so proud of this book and the message that it shares," House said. "Dorian's journey is sadly shared by far too many children and families around the world. We hope the book helps ease some of the pain." 
Beyond the release, Dr. House was thankful for one goal achieved. 
"While we are happy to be able to share this story for Dorian, we are most proud that we were able to get a copy into Dorian's hands before he passed away," House said. "It's his story, and while it will live on forever, we wanted him to see what he had helped to create." 
Cannella has pledged all proceeds from the book to the newly-established Dorian J. Murray Foundation, as well as other pediatric cancer research foundations, including St. Baldrick's Foundation and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 
"The goal with the release of this book is trifold," Cannella said, "to carry on Dorian's legacy, to offer comfort and camaraderie for kids with cancer, and to raise significant funds through sales to help eradicate this disease." 
Lampion Press is making the book available on their website at
Additional information available at

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