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PAPA: HEMINGWAY IN CUBA gets Strong Support at Premiere

10:08 PM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

"Papa: Hemingway in Cuba," the first U.S. and Cuba movie shot mostly in Cuba, premiered in Los Angeles with outstanding support.

A story based on a part of the life of Hemingway that isn't widely known, spectacular actors mixed in with real photographs bring to the big screen a great movie.

The movie premiered at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood, Calif. with a small red carpet for some of the actors, the director and some of the producers, but also a magnificent show of support from actors and musicians from more than just the hispanic community of actors.

Check out photos from the red carpet:
Bob Yari
Adrian Sparks
Shaun Toub
Amanda Harvey
Chad Roberts
Luis Chavez
Rodrigo Oregon
Mercedes Brito
Bai Ling
Stephanie Carcache, left, Melissa Carcache
Jacob Vargas
Joseph Bertot
"Papa: Hemingway in Cuba" 
is in select theaters starting April 29.

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