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Sludge Metal Veterans Sourvein Reveal AVIAN DAWN Music Video Featuring In-Studio Recording Footage

9:51 PM

Cover Art by Jordan Barlow (High On Fire, Ritual Killer)
Watch Now via Guitar World and Read an In-Depth Interview with Frontman T-Roy
New Album Aquatic Occult out April 8, 2016 via Metal Blade Records 
Featuring Lamb of God's Randy Blythe, Amebix's Stig Miller, Corrosion of Conformity's Reed Mullin + Many More

Doom/sludge metal vets SOURVEIN will release their long-awaited Metal Blade Records debut "Aquatic Occult" on April 8 via Metal Blade Records. 

Featuring guest performances by Lamb of God's Randy Blythe (vocals, organ), Amebix's Stig Miller (guitar), Corrosion of Conformity's Reed Mullin (drums) and many others, the album is described by frontman T-Roy as the record he wanted to make at a time when his life was at its bleakest.
With only one week until "Aquatic Occult" drops, SOURVEIN has revealed a brand new music video for the track "Avian Dawn," directed by Randy Ada. 

Check out the video, featuring never-before-seen in-studio recording footage, now via Guitar World

While there, read an interview with T-Roy detailing "Aquatic Occult" and future plans for the band:
T-Roy details the guest appearances on this track and in the "Avian Dawn" video: "The "Avian Dawn" video is directed/edited by Randy Ada and features live footage of us recording at SSP Studios in Raleigh, NC. You'll see Mike Dean of C.O.C. on the production board, Reed Mullin of C.O.C. on drums, Kevin Rochelle of Sea of Tyrants on guitar, Lou Gorra on bass and myself recording riffs and vocals. This video truly gives a behind the scenes look at the album's core performers hard at work. Music wise, "Avian Dawn" is an upbeat song about positive thinking with an overall loose theme surrounding the sea birds of Pleasure Island, relayed as abstract wordplay in the lyrics throughout the song. We really dig this tune and it's a lot of fun to play. Enjoy."
"Aquatic Occult" is produced by Mike Dean and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Yob). 

Pre-orders for "Aquatic Occult" are available now in CD, vinyl, and digital formats via
Aquatic Occult tracklisting:
*Reed Mullin on drums
  1. Tempest (Of Desire) (feat. Stig Miller-Amebix)*
  2. Avian Dawn*
  3. Ocypuss (feat. Randy Blythe-Lamb of God, Mike Dean-Corrosion of Conformity)*
  4. Aquanaut (feat. Dean Berry-Iron Monkey), Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin-Subrig Destroyer)
  5. Hymn to Poseidon*
  6. Mermaids*
  7. Urchins (feat. Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin-Subrig Destroyer)
  8. In the Wind*
  9. Cape Fearian (feat. Dave Capps-All Tore Up, Randy Blythe spoken word-Lamb of God)*
  10. Capsized (feat. Dave Capps-All Tore Up)*
  11. High Tide (feat. Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin-Subrig Destroyer)
  12. Bermuda Sundown (feat. Keith Kirkum-ex Weedeater)
  13. Coral Bones*
  14. Oceanic Procession (feat. Stig Miller-Amebix, Randy Blythe on organ-Lamb of God)* 
"'Aquatic Occult' promises to be heavier than a two-ton anchor dropped into an antique porcelain bathtub-- it's going to break things," guest vocalist Randy Blythe said. "This record sees SOURVEIN at their most musical and focused of any recording to date."
T-Roy - vocals/guitar
Lou Gorra - bass
Rochelle - lead guitars/multi-instrumentalist
Spider - drums

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