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SOURVEIN Streaming Entire New Album AQUATIC OCCULT

1:56 AM

Cover Art by Jordan Barlow (High On Fire, Ritual Killer)
Listen Now via Noisey
"Aquatic Occult" out this April 8 via Metal Blade Records 
Featuring Lamb of God's Randy Blythe, Amebix's Stig Miller, Corrosion of Conformity's Reed Mullin + Many More

Doom/sludge metal group SOURVEIN will release their very first Metal Blade Records offering "Aquatic Occult" this coming Friday, April 8. 

The album features guest performances by Lamb of God's Randy Blythe (vocals, organ), Amebix's Stig Miller (guitar), Corrosion of Conformity's Reed Mullin (drums) and many others, so listeners should undoubtedly expect a crushingly-heavy record of epic proportions - inspired by mysterious terrors of the deep ocean blue.
In celebration of this week's release, Noisey is exclusively streaming Aquatic Occult in its entirety two days early. Listen here:
Frontman T-Roy said, "It's been five long years since SOURVEIN released an album, but we are back with Aquatic Occult. A lot has happened in five years, so this album has a story to tell, one formed from an ever-changing life by the seaside. Written in the saltwater, sun  and wind that's been steeped into this band's blood from the very beginning, it's heavy like hurricane waves- here's your first listen to that story. Enjoy."
Aquatic Occult is produced by Mike Dean and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Yob). 

Pre-orders for Aquatic Occult are available now in CD, vinyl, and digital formats via
Aquatic Occult tracklisting:
*Reed Mullin on drums

  1. Tempest (Of Desire) (feat. Stig Miller-Amebix)*
  2. Avian Dawn*
  3. Ocypuss (feat. Randy Blythe-Lamb of God, Mike Dean-Corrosion of Conformity)*
  4. Aquanaut (feat. Dean Berry-Iron Monkey), Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin-Subrig Destroyer)
  5. Hymn to Poseidon*
  6. Mermaids*
  7. Urchins (feat. Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin-Subrig Destroyer)
  8. In the Wind*
  9. Cape Fearian (feat. Dave Capps-All Tore Up, Randy Blythe spoken word-Lamb of God)*
  10. Capsized (feat. Dave Capps-All Tore Up)*
  11. High Tide (feat. Chris Holcombe and Joel Martin-Subrig Destroyer)
  12. Bermuda Sundown (feat. Keith Kirkum-ex Weedeater)
  13. Coral Bones*
  14. Oceanic Procession (feat. Stig Miller-Amebix, Randy Blythe on organ-Lamb of God)*
"...sonically, it's definitely a mother... Aquatic Occult is a celebration of slow, brooding, fuzzy heavy metal." 
"SOURVEIN is an extremely rare breed of band, one that should be a household name but somehow isn't...yet." 
"T-Roy is... getting ready to release the biggest statement of his career... the end result is much more dynamic and adventurous than what we've come to expect from SOURVEIN...
"This is an absolutely great album by a band that has yet to fail." 
SOURVEIN is currently scheduling future touring plans - stay tuned for news on upcoming tour dates coming soon.

T-Roy - vocals/guitar
Lou Gorra - bass
Rochelle - lead guitars/multi-instrumentalist
Spider - drums

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