Trailer Park Boys release statements from participants

1:53 AM

Regarding Mike Smith's involvement in an incident that occurred early April 1 in Hollywood, following are statements issued by the participants:
Georgia Ling, described as the victim in this incident, said, "Mike and I did indeed have a heavy argument but it saddens me the way things are being reported and the way it was handled by the police. At no point did I feel I was in danger, otherwise I would've called the police myself, which I did not.  The police were called by others not present in the room who mistakenly perceived the argument to be something other than what it was. When the officers arrived I tried to assure them there was no real issue, but they proceeded to arrest Mike."
Mike Smith said,  "Georgia is a friend of mine and we had a loud and heated dispute. That is all. At no time did I assault her. I am not guilty of the misdemeanour charged against me."
The other members of the Trailer Park Boys and all staff stand behind Mike and look forward to the matter being resolved favourably.

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