Women Underground Presents ASTRID'S SELF PORTRAIT April 22

12:54 AM

World Premiere of the surreal, bizarre, amazing new film from director Rena Riffel
The new RACK FOCUS Women Underground series at the American Cinematheque is proud to present the first public screening of writer/director/star Rena Riffel's new director's cut of "Astrid’s Self Portrait" on April 22, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California.
Riffel's third feature film as a director, "Astrid’s Self Portrait" is wildly bizarre and entertaining. 
The embodiment of true DIY independent filmmaking, Riffel's fearless sense of the absurd and extreme are never more apparent than in this feature film. 
We believe Riffel is an important player in the underground Los Angeles filmmaking scene and that the story of the making of this film is essential to the ongoing history of renegade women directors everywhere.
Rack Focus at the American Cinematheque, in association with Women Underground and Etheria Film Night, is proud to present a special event screening of filmmaker Rena Riffel’s latest work "Astrid's Self Portrait."
Riffel, known to the horror and genre community primarily for performances in films such as "Mulholland Drive," "Showgirls" and "Candyman 3," has also made a strong presence as a director with unique voice and vision. 
Her previous directorial efforts include the exploitation masterpiece "Trasharella" and the much publicized "Showgirls 2: Penny’s From Heaven." 
With "Astrid’s Self Portrait," Riffel unleashes a work of surrealistic contemplation and abstract horror, promising her most artistic and personal work to date.
The screening, held at the Speilberg Theatre within Hollywood’s iconic Egyptian Theatre, will feature an introduction from Riffel herself, who will be live and in person for the evening’s festivities.
Previously, a snippet from Astrid was screened at a Women Underground shorts event in Fall 2015, also hosted by The American Cinematheque and Etheria Film Night, and the organizations couldn’t be happier to return to help Riffel return and finally unveil the whole feature.
Friday, April 22nd, 2016, 8:00pm
Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian
6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028
A powerful, fun, and positive statement about gender equality in Hollywood, RACK FOCUS is a new initiative from The American Cinematheque and Etheria Film Night to screen an ongoing, progressive slate of female-oriented programming and events. Helmed by Etheria Film Night Director of Programming Heidi Honeycutt, RACK FOCUS highlights women’s contributions to film history and to current filmmaking trends; emphasis is placed on women in all aspects of the film industry and on showcasing their films to Cinematheque members and audiences. WOMEN UNDERGROUND showcases the Los Angeles premieres of new independent, underground feature-length cinema from innovative and taste-making new women filmmakers.

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