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Christian Rock Musician Jason Fowler Shares Journey to New Album

3:43 PM

The turbulent road which brought Jason Fowler to where he is now, releasing new inspirational album "I Fall In," keeps him moving forward on a path which includes helping others along the way.

After years of being lost down a path of addiction and bad habits, Fowler learned to accept religion into his life, trust in those positive influences around him and become a better person through sharing his personal story as well as his music.

Fowler said he was on the streets and had lost contact with his family, but being on that path and meeting the people who changed it was what has inspired him to be a better person and use his talents to reach a new audience. Going into the Christian Rock scene just made sense to him.

Now his newest album feels personal and is inspiring. The genuine kind-hearted nature of Fowler can be heard in a pure form and is spectacular.

Fowler's first single "Smile" is uplifting and brings forth a upbeat rhythm which is catchy and memorable.

Each song in the album is a spectacular showcase of rock music. Although this album is a Christian Rock album, the religious aspect is not overbearing.

It's an album with positive messages and truly inspirational songs which can leave the listener feeling good.

Check out the full "I Fall In" album here now:

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