Experimental Hardcore Artists MODERN COLOR Reveal New Track CHROMESTHESIA

1:44 AM

Listen Now via AP Discover on Spotify Here

New Album "Chromesthesia" 
Out this Summer

Experimental, hardcore, shoegaze, heavy rock and everything in between - that is what you'll get with Redondo Beach, CA's MODERN COLOR

The up-and-coming four piece is set to release their brand new full-length album "Chromesthesia," this summer, and are providing an early listen to the album's title track via Alternative Press' official "AP Discover" Spotify playlist. 

The playlist offers fans a listen to new music, hand-selected by Alternative Press staff. 

Visit the Alternative Press Spotify playlist homepage here and select "AP Discover" to take a listen: open.spotify.com/user/altpress.com.
"Chromesthesia" is the first track released from the band's upcoming album of the same name - you can download the track via their Bandcamp page

MODERN COLOR explores cerebral, thought-provoking themes within their songwriting, and this track offers a great introduction. 

This track in particular explores the idea of varying human perspectives and expressions.
The members of MODERN COLOR said, "The name is taken from a rare human condition in which people experience a variety of colors triggered by different sounds and tones they hear. Although none of us have the condition, the idea really stuck with us and we loosely based the album on how we express ourselves through our own sound and color. This track is the most focused of that idea."
MODERN COLOR's previously released two track demo "Somewhere Else," is also available via Bandcamp hereThe demo features the track "Pale," which the band released a music video for earlier this year: youtu.be/rcSZLDmKG3g.
MODERN COLOR is currently planning a tour set to take place this summer and will release more new music soon. 

Fleming Valenzuela - guitar & vocals
Vince Nguyen - drums & vocals
Chris Martinez - bass
Chad Leaf - guitar

You can discover more about MODERN COLOR at the links below: 

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