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Dances With Films, Los Angeles’ prime independent film festival, is hosting the West Coast Premiere of "Killer Friends" on June 8 at 5 p.m. at the prestigious TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. 
This quirky dark comedy is the writing debut of comedian Zach Noe Towers, who also performs the tasks of producer, director and lead actor in the short film.
"Killer Friends" is a satirical take on friendship and murder that premiered in the filmmaker’s hometown at the St. Louis International Film Festival
It tells the story of Scott, a very rude, crude, and extremely annoying friend. 
His roommates have decided to take him on a camping trip. 
A trip Scott won’t be coming back from alive. What else are Killer Friends for?
“'Killer Friends' was created as a showcase for myself. I wanted to show the world (especially Hollywood) what I could do. So I sat down and let the ideas fly. I’ve always had a dark sense of humor, and the idea of murdering that really obnoxious friend we all have just really stuck out,” Zach Noe Towers said.
Watch the Behind the Scenes: .
Starring Zach Noe Towers (Scott), Jenna-Lee Carreiro (Jill), Peggy Sinnott(Heather) and Dave Racki (Bryan). 
"Killer Friends" is written, produced, and directed by Zach Noe Towers. Producers: Tina CarboneMark Brostoff, and Jenna-Lee Carreiro. Cinematography by James Sielaff, Makeup FX by Christina Chapman, Editing by Morgan Pritchard, and Music by Jasha Klebe.
‪Listen to an exclusive interview with Zach Noe Towers on the TG Geeks Webcast Episode 64:
To find out more about Killer Friends, full list of festivals, and its tour calendar, please check the official website
You can also follow the daily updates on social media:
Twitter: @ZachNoeTowers
Hashtag: #KillerFriendsMovie
Filmmaker Zach Noe Towers, producer Tina Carbone as well as actresses Jenna-Lee Carreiro and Peggy Sinnott will be present to do the Q & A at the Dances With Films Festival.

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