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"I AM GANGSTER," written and directed by Rechenberg, will have its West Coast Premiere on June 11 at 9:30 p.m. at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

I AM GANGSTER  centers on the interwoven story of three main characters:

  • DAVID - an idealistic correctional officer able to keep his family safe. When he has to deal with excessive use-of-force incidents at the jail David’s own moral code is challenged forcing him to make a fateful decision; 
  • LITO - a hardcore gang member who seeks the retaliation for the shooting of a fellow gang member by the police, but gang matriarch, Tia, refuses to let him do so. When she also rejects his push for more responsibility in the organization, a defiant Lito starts seeking more power on his own;
  • RIO - a rebellious teenager faces pressures at home and bullies at school when he runs into Chavo, an old gangster friend from childhood. With nothing to hold him  back, Rio sympathizes with gang life but soon has to deal with his own guilt over a tragic death.

Rechenberg has assembled a spectacular cast of talented individuals who show us the hurt and love that these characters go through in dealing with street gangs and the challenges of daily survival.

Newcomers  Rick Mancia (EAST LOS HIGH), Gilberto Ortiz (LADY DYNAMITE) and  Abraham Bobadilla lead the cast with explosive and touching performances that will leave audiences wanting to see more of them on screen in the future.

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