For NintenDads Today, Share the Love of Nintendo on Father's Day

7:23 PM

For dads today, especially the millennials, Nintendo was a big part of their childhood. 

These "NintenDads" have fond memories of playing Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros. (that celebrated its 30thanniversary last fall) and the original NES, Super NES and Game Boy systems. 

Their love of all things Nintendo hasn't gone away, and today dads want to share that love, as well as a piece of their childhood, with their own kids.

This Father's Day is a great time for dads to relive those fond Nintendo memories and create new ones. 

Help them do it by giving them the gift of Nintendo, a gift meant to share. 

Whether it's classic games like Super Mario 64 or new games like Splatoon, dads and kids can experience the excitement of playing games together on Nintendo's Wii U console or the New Nintendo 3DS XL hand-held system.

We have created a short visual story that captures the spirit of dads passing on their love of Nintendo to their kids. 

Please feel free to share it with your readers. 

We hope it touches some hearts on this special day for dads everywhere.

Happy Father's Day,
-Your friends at Nintendo

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