New Television Platform Molotov Officially Launches In France

11:26 PM

Created by JeanDavid Blanc, Pierre Lescure 
and Jean-Marc Denoual, the ground breaking service 
goes public in France on July 11

A New Vision of television  
Molotov offers a radically new way to watch television. The service offers users an intuitive discovery experience and exclusive functionalities, all while respecting the traditional ecosystem and conventions of television. Molotov aims to reinvent the daily pleasure of watching television.
A radically new and innovative TV experience
A revolution in “zapping” 
For the viewer, finding an interesting television program to watch on a traditional TV interface takes time and effort. Molotov allows users to discover what’s airing on all channels at a glance: each show has its own poster, with a quick-read timeline indicating how far along each show is in progress. The user chooses the program they wish to watch, either live or via “catch-up” and can even choose to watch a show from the very beginning.
Advanced functionalities 
Explore. Simple, intuitive navigation.
The exclusive and never seen before organization of Molotov’s user interface allows for an unprecedented 360-degree accessibility to live, catch-up or upcoming programs.
Bookmark. Don’t miss your favorite programs.
With a click, the user can "bookmark" the program of their choice, which will be recorded on the Molotov’s user account, available for playback for as long as they choose.
Keep an eye on your favorite personalities.
This intelligent feature of Molotov alerts the user whenever a pre-chosen character appears on television (actor, director, TV-host, journalist, politician, comedian, athlete, etc.), whatever the nature of the program.
Search. A better way to discover what’s on.
Molotov’s search engine is fast and accurate, making it easy to find any program by entering a single keyword (program name, channel, cast, genre, category, guest, etc...)
And more is yet to come...
New innovative features including a deep social experience, smarter notifications and alerts, and rich navigation will be announced and deployed in the coming months.
Molotov is free, with no commitment 
Molotov is free, and offers 33 channels (including 25 channels of the French DTT) and 10 hours of bookmarks. Users can add options without constraining time commitments and are able to enjoy more channels and services from € 3.99 per month. A new selection of TV channels and services will be added soon.
● Molotov: 33 channels including 25 channels of the French DTT and 10 hours of bookmarks.
● Option + 100h (€ 3.99 / month): 100 hours of additional bookmarks to record your favorite shows with one simple click, and play them on all your screens.
● Option Extended (€ 9.99 / month): over 70 HD channels, up to 4 simultaneous streams and 100 hours of bookmarks.
Available on all screens 
The Molotov experience is universal regardless of the device. The user can access his channels, preferences and bookmarks from anywhere, at any time.
Molotov is available on smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, connected TVs and on your computer (download for Mac and PC on

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