AudioShot brings Shazam-Style Music identification to Facebook Messenger

1:24 AM

AudioShot is pleased to announce the official launch of the first music chat bot for Facebook Messenger. 

The AudioShot chat bot analyzes nearby audio recorded by your microphone and instantly identifies the song. 

Once a song loads in Messenger, users can opt to play a 30 second clip of the track directly in Facebook Messenger or listen to the full-length track via Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud.
“The Messenger platform was a great opportunity for the AudioShot team to continue our vision of fast and easy music discovery and sharing.” Shaun Newsum, cofounder of AudioShot, said.
In addition users can type an artist or song name to search for music directly in Messenger.
“We have an aggressive roadmap for the chat bot which includes a lyric search, a frequently requested feature.” Jessica Cerka, cofounder of AudioShot, said.
AudioShot’s chat bot for Facebook Messenger can be used on all mobile and desktop devices (both Apple and Android) and there is no requirement to download any software or application from the App Store other than Facebook Messenger.

About AudioShot
AudioShot was founded by Shaun Newsum and Jessica Cerka. The ex-roommates from NYC conceptualized the idea of being able to send music instantly while catching up over coffee in the West Village. The team is now headquartered in Santa Monica, California. AudioShot previously launched an iOS emoji keyboard for sharing music in in March 2015 and was a finalist at the Midem music conference in June 2015. For more information, please visit

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