Baeble Music: Baeble Next Session With The Boxer Rebellion

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Veteran British outfit The Boxer Rebellion decided to do something different when recording their fifth full-length album "Ocean by Ocean." 

When it came to following up their 2013 album Promises, the anthemic, guitar-heavy, indie rock mainstay embraced bold new sounds and bright textures to try and offer long-time fans of the band something new and exciting. 

When Baeble first heard the band's lead single "Weapon", they knew they had to catch up with the band for the first time since 2010 to see what the record was all about.
"This new sound came about as a result of a lot of experimentation," guitarist Andrew Smith said during his recent visit to Baeble's offices with singer Nathan Nicholson. "When we wrote the song 'Weapon' [we knew] that was a keystone track. That was one that we realized was very different than previous Boxer Rebellion style of songs. Everything kind of followed after that." 
The result is a record that's punctuated with neon-lit swaths of synthetics taking the band's patented melodies to wonderful new heights.

The newest Baeble NEXT Session may not focus on the band's adventurous new production. 

These are actually sparse and delicate presentations of three songs from Ocean by Ocean. 

But what's evident here is the baseline emotions Nathan and Andrew inject into their music. 

These are lovingly crafted songs and they will inevitably send your heart into a flutter as they cycle through...poignant, powerful, and undoubtedly The Boxer Rebellion at the core.

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