Baeble Music: Great Good Fine OK In Concert

12:00 PM


There is a lot of frenetic energy fueling Baeble's newest Bands and Brews session. 

Flashy lights, a killer sunset, glitzy costumes, slick dance moves, an electric xylophone and a keytar.

A whole lot of awesome took over when Brooklyn band Great Good Fine OK performed at Industry City in Sunset Park Brooklyn back in June.

Apparently, the band's addictive sound was one the duo of Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman arrived at rather quickly after bumping into to each other on the street. 

The band's first single "You're The One For Me" was written in one night, went viral thanks to an memorable music video, and the band has spent the last year or so winning gobs of fans over with their party-ready, electro pop.

It's a sound that's certainly of the moment. 

Referencing M83, Phoenix, and Passion Pit seems appropriate. But they also sincerely throw it back a couple decades at the same time, paying tribute to the likes of Michael Jackson and Hall and Oates. 

Great Good Fine OK offer a rhythm that's going to get you...and melodies that instantly jam themselves into the deep parts of the brain. 

And of course there's energy. 

Energy that is simply off the charts.

Watch Great Good Fine OK jam a whole lotta awesome into this frenetic performance at Baeble's Bands and Brews Sessions in Brooklyn now on the Baeble site here or via the Baeble Music app

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