HBO Documentary Film THREE DAYS OF TERROR: THE CHARLIE HEBDO ATTACKS on First Terror Attack in Europe Inspired by ISIS to Debut on HBO Sept. 19

1:18 AM

"THREE DAYS OF TERROR: THE CHARLIE HEBDO ATTACKS" (Sept. 19) is a searing account of the January 2015 terror attacks on Paris which combined the last attack in Europe by Al-Qaeda and the first attack in Europe inspired by ISIS, following the militant group’s self-proclamation in June 2014.

The horrific events began on January 7, 2015, when two brothers – members of Al-Qaeda in Yemen – stormed the Paris offices of the satiric weekly Charlie Hebdo, killing 11 people and injuring 11 others before also killing a French police officer.

As a massive manhunt for the elusive killers was mounted, an additional 5 people were murdered and 11 wounded over the next two days, which included a harrowing stand-off between police and a gunman, pledging allegiance to ISIS, holding hostages at a kosher supermarket.

With unprecedented investigative depth, including exclusive access to hostages, survivors, police, paramilitaries, and intelligence findings and evidence, as well as never before seen footage and photographs, Emmy®-nominated filmmaker Dan Reed (HBO’s “Terror at the Mall”) highlights the courage and resilience of Parisian police and citizens in the face of mass murder.

About the Filmmaker: 
Producer and director Dan Reed is a 2010 Emmy® nominee and 2010 BAFTA winner for directing HBO’s Terror in Mumbai, about the 2008 terrorist attack on several prominent sites in Mumbai, India. He also directed 2009’s Terror in Moscow, detailing the 2002 siege of a Moscow theater by Chechen terrorists, as well as 2014’s Terror at the Mall, chronicling the 2013 terrorist siege in Nairobi. All three of the films premiered on HBO.

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