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Kubo’s quest stretches far and wide through the mystical realm of the Vastlands. With his protectors Monkey and Beetle by his side, Kubo unlocks more of his powers at every challenge, racing toward an epic clash with the dark side of his magical family.

From your desktop, visit to explore Kubo’s realm and dive into each location of his epic quest through an interactive map experience.

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Kubo & The Two Strings is LAIKA’s most ambitious film to date — a stop motion samurai action film with an unprecedented scope. Our challenge was to create a social campaign that engages users by showcasing the epic scale of the movie and stir fervor on even the smallest of screens. An innovative mix of Instagram grids, story-based video loops, and an annotated and interactive map of Kubo’s journey helped to amplify the film’s larger-than-life themes of magic, mythology, and heroism, giving social users an emotional investment into Kubo’s quest before walking into the theater.

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