New social platform The Talent Bank to help creative people

1:28 AM

Creative individuals can often find it difficult to get their work noticed or to receive constructive feedback but new website The Talent Bank aims to change that by providing a community for budding artists, musicians, filmmakers, poets and more.

The Talent Bank is a non-profit social platform that does not charge people for using the website or showcasing their work. It aims to be a resource for any amateur creatives to get their work noticed and into the public eye.

The recently launched website allows creative people to upload their work and connect with other like-minded individuals. 

Through creating a community, The Talent Bank aims to give creative types the tools they need to improve and support them in getting their big break in some highly competitive industries. 

The site is already receiving hundreds of visitors everyday who come to have a look at the latest submissions. 

Promotional material is also sent out to decision makers in each industry to help users get their work noticed.

Richard Hammond, Creative director of The Talent Bank, said, “The inspiration came from writing a sitcom script but being unable to find any production companies that would look at it unless I had an agent. 

A place like The Talent Bank can help others in a similar position receive the crucial feedback they need, and they could even be spotted by organisations and people that could help them turn their passion and hobby into a career.”

Users can upload their creative work, from a piece of art to a photography collection, a short film, a poem or a TV script and the community can then rate it, with charts for each category which order the entries by total number of votes. 

Videos can be added by users to describe how their work was made and the inspiration behind it in their own words. 

The platform aims to be a positive and encouraging community with a focus on inspiring and helping others.

The site also offers a social aspect allowing users to connect and chat with other creative people to discuss ideas, inspiration and learn about events and competitions they may be interested in.

To find out more visit

The Talent Bank is an online community for amateur artists, musicians, poets, photographers, filmmakers, comedians, writers, animators and actors to upload the things they create. The platform provides a community where creative individuals can get their work seen and receive feedback.

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