3Doodler Launches Game-changing PRO, the First Professional 3D Printing Pen

11:30 AM

Launching At IFA 2016 With Accompanying Specialty Plastics, Including Wood, Copper, Bronze, Nylon, and Polycarbonate

3Doodler, maker of the original 3D printing pen, announces on Sept. 1 the industry's most advanced, professional-grade 3D printing pen, the 3Doodler PRO. 

The sleek tool is designed for creative professionals such as architects, engineers and artists, and is ideal for prototyping designs, concept development, and communicating their creative vision in unique 3D form.

Unlike other pens on the market, the new PRO plastics include wood, copper, bronze, nylon, and polycarbonate, complementing the 65+ compatible varieties of plastic from the 3Doodler Create range. 

The PRO is the only 3D printing pen that can use these new materials to their full potential.
Maxwell Bogue, Co-Founder & CEO said, "Beyond the numerous upgrades, what really makes the PRO so unique is how the device and materials come together to answer the needs of professionals. When we started the 3Doodler journey back in 2013, we had world-leading architects telling us "I want to do this". "This" was a quick wave of the pen in the air, with plastic solidifying in its wake. With new materials like polycarbonate that dream is a reality. The high-performance PRO can be used for the most advanced of purposes to bring concepts to life, and become an integral part of the creative process."
The PRO boasts new features including tactile adjustable dials for temperature and speed, an adjustable fan for user control over the cooling of the plastics, and an LCD display to show the pen's settings. 

Encased in a lightweight carbon fiber shell, the pen's radically re-engineered drive system is designed specifically for the range of new materials exclusive to the PRO. 

In combination with the high-speed fan, polycarbonate plastic can be used to create a solid structure in one swift gesture, making it ideal to quickly sketch out blueprints, either on a surface or in the air.
Daniel Cowen, Co-President, said, "The 3Doodler has outsold any other 3D printing device on the global market. We now have pens specifically designed for crafters, adults, children, and with this, the most advanced pen ever,professionals. Whether you're eight or 80 years old, hobbyist or professional, the 3Doodler range of products has never been more inclusive. After being first to market, we are now pushing the boundaries of 3D creation to ever more users and use-cases."
The pen is packaged in a premium storage case, together with accompanying accessories, ensuring the professional user has everything they need to create their masterpiece, including a portable battery pack, Nozzle Set, DoodlePad, and 100 strands of specialty plastic.

3Doodler PRO Specifications
  • Carbon fiber shell
  • Temperature and speed adjustment: Adjust temperature from 100°C to 250°C, speed settings between 10% and 100%; all via tactile adjustable dials
  • LCD display showing the desired temperature and indicators for each level
  • Side switch to adjust the cooling fan: Off, Low or High
  • A radically redesigned drive system for use with professional materials and filaments
  • New larger drive to keep the PRO going for longer with more intensive use
  • Plastics range: wood, copper, bronze, nylon, and polycarbonate
  • Priced from US$249
Since the launch of the first pen in 2013, 3Doodler has taken the world by storm, selling more than 750,000 units around the globe, including the most recent Start and Create versions. 

The world's fascination with the most successful 3D printing pen on the market is unparalleled - with 3Doodler featuring on The Simpsons, artist Rachel Goldsmith presenting 3Doodled artwork to Bill Clinton, and the first 3Doodler Awards launching this year. 

With its new range of pens, 3Doodler will only broaden and deepen that reach and creativity by allowing professionals within various industries such as architecture, automotive, medicine, fashion, etc. to experience seamless 3D creation.

As of September 1st 2016, 3Doodler PRO will be available starting at US$249, first from the MoMA Design Store and subsequently from other key launch partners including Barnes & Noble, Macy's, Amazon.com, and delivered worldwide via 3DoodlerPRO.com.

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