BEST OF SEVEN Releases Trailer, Poster

2:08 AM

Multiplicity Move Over! "Best of Seven" releases new trailer and poster ahead of Sept. 16 release

Hilarious new comedy "Best of Seven" hits digital Sept. 16 from Leomark Studios.

Comedy buffs will be treated to an inimitable performance from talented newcomer Jonnie Stapleton as he plays seven versions of himself, simultaneously.
A quiet man who suffers from multiple personality disorder is talked into stop taking his medications by his parents, who are sure he is fully healed. He agrees to stop taking them for a week, and that unleashes all his other personalities to destroy his life.
Jonnie Stapleton, Paula Kelley and Jim Armstrong star in one of the most matchless and side-splitting independent comedy of the year.
Directed by Jonnie Stapleton, Best of Seven will hit VOD Sept. 16 from Leomark Studios.

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