BOLDFACE Collaborates with Foo Fighters on Backpacks

10:15 AM

BOLDFACE ( and Foo Fighters together launched a line of five Foo Fighters backpacks. BOLDFACE is the world’s only maker of customized on-demand backpacks with interchangeable “faces.”

BOLDFACE entered the world of music merchandise in early 2016 with the introduction of backpacks featuring former Journey lead singer Jeff Scott Soto (, now the lead singer for the eponymously name band. 

Other acts included indy favorite The Peach Kings ( and Sawyer Fredericks (, winner of The Voice Season 8.

The launch of a Foo Fighters line of backpacks puts BOLDFACE on the map and provides it with something no other backpack maker has - a killer Foo Fighters backpack that comes with the ability to change the look of the backpack in seconds. And Foo Fighters is just the beginning.

BOLDFACE has plans to continue to launch new backpack collections featuring other killer bands. 

For example, designs are currently in process for Sublime, Wu Tang Clan and Nirvana. And many more are expected in the coming months.

Check out the new Foo Fighters line here:

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