Marini's on 57 Launches Its Third Chill Out Album SUNSET HOURS VOL. 3

1:54 AM

Marini's on 57 hits another milestone with the launch of "Sunset Hours Vol. 3" at Savannah Ibiza, on the famous Sunset Strip in San Antonio. 

"Sunset Hours Vol.3" is curated and produced by Simon Mills (one half of electronic duo Bent), featuring an original track "Interstellar Joyride" produced specifically for Marini's on 57. 

This track showcases Mills' signature up-tempo tunes with morphological downtempo electronica beats.

Interbreeding much of the ethereal vibe that typically transcends through his music "Sunset Hours Vol. 3" envelops listeners and transports them on a fantastical journey through Marini's on 57 with eclectic chill-out vibes throughout the entire album.
"Listening to the albums should transport you into the realm of pure chill and melodic intoxication whether it's over a glass of champagne with friends or just lounging on a breezy afternoon. Those who have experienced the palpable night energy of Marini's on 57 will already appreciate the role that music plays in the creation of the perfect atmosphere. My hope is that these albums will allow others to come on this musical journey with us," Modesto Marini, Founder of The Marini's Group said.
Joining the realm of world-class global chill-out albums "Sunset Hours Vol. 3" made its debut in Ibiza with DJ Simon Mills and Marini's on 57 resident DJ and music director Jeff Jefferson. 

Joined by music legend Jose Padilla, new greats Chris Coco, Rob Roar, Phil Dockerty, Pete Gooding, and the Mambo Brothers, it was an event full of non-stop hits.
Speaking about his inspiration for the album, DJ Simon Mills said, "For 'Interstellar Joyride' I thought about the incredible views from Marini's on 57; the first thing that hit me was the city lights twinkling away against the blackness, and the dramatic view of the Petronas Towers. I wanted it to sound tropical and sunny, with the listener imagining themselves with a nice cold drink in their hand as they watched the sun go down over Kuala Lumpur City."
A must have album for music revellers "Sunset Hours Vol. 3" boasts feel good energy, rhythm and ecstatic drops to turn-up the heat for any chill-out occasion. 

"Sunset Hours Vol. 3" is available from 9 September 2016 at Marini's on 57 and selected stores in Ibiza. An exclusive continuous mix of the entire album will also be available as a digital download on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

Multi-award winning Marini's on 57 is Malaysia's most iconic rooftop destination, and sits 876ft above sea level in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City. A beacon for international celebrities, tourists, and socialites since its opening in June 2012, Marini's on 57 never fails to impress visitors with her unparalleled views of Kuala Lumpur, level of service, and exceptional contemporary Italian cuisine.

Housing the most extensive cigar and whisky collection in Malaysia, the venue comprises of three distinct spaces [the restaurant, the lounge, the bar], each designed to encapsulate and project different moods and energy to enthral all five senses.

Marini's on 57 is also the only luxury F&B venue in Malaysia to have release their own Sunset Hours compilation albums with music greats Jose Padilla, Chris Coco, Afterlife, and Simon Mills.

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