Michelly Cordova Premieres Music Video for WHISPER IN THE DARK

10:30 AM

PERFECT PITCH – Michelly Cordova sings a spectacular final note of
"Fever" at an intimate performance at the premiere of her music video for
"Whisper in the Dark" at the Next Door Lounge in Hollywood, Calif. on
Sept. 7. (Photo by Jose Angel Torres)
With a beautiful video for "Whisper in the Dark" premiering at the Next Door Lounge in Hollywood, Calif. on Sept. 7, Michelly Cordova showcases her vocals with a short live performance.

The music video shows a seductive Cordova singing in a darkened room softly and beautifully while being alluring.

Her vocals are unique and smooth with a powerful range which can delight while softly, melodically singing or projecting long marvelous notes.

Cordova started with a live rendition of "Whisper in the Dark," which was as beautiful live as it was in the music video.

The mix of classic jazz songs and original songs helped to keep the mood light and the audience cheering.

Cordova brought out some of her favorite Jazz classic by performing Billie Holiday and ending her set with a memorable cover of "Fever," made famous by Peggy Lee.

For more music from Michelly Cordova, to purchase her albums and to see the music video for "Wisper in the Dark" visit michellycordova.com.

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